Not Only Accommodation

Traveling is an experience that allows you to experience new emotions; the mission of V Accomodation is an emotional guarantee far beyond the journey, during the entire stay, through a complete escape in the soul and in the context, a physical and introspective journey.

The focus of the concept is marked by the escape and well-being that derive from the stay in V accommodation. A double journey is offered to the traveler: through the destination and through art.

The traveler finds in a unique and luxurious environment the best comforts and top class and, through the works of art that animate the structure, a refined glimpse of art and culture.

The art in V Accommodation becomes the metaphorical continuation of the guest’s journey, who fully experiences the beauty of an escape from the rhythm of his routine.


An emotional stay on a journey

A journey therefore that is an immersion in a new space-time dimension, which allows guests to live their emotional and physical travel experience.

The structure is treated in detail, able to offer guests a unique stay in terms of comfort, style, design and refinement. The offer of an exclusive service therefore places the positioning of the brand in a niche market, capable of differentiating itself from the multiplicity of structures in the area.

The V Accomodation brand therefore rises to industry leaders, able to satisfy practical and functional needs through efficient services, and emotional and cultural needs, through a careful selection of works that cover various artistic periods.